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crocodile pattern black/gold buckle [upgraded original leather version] S number-23cm crocodile pattern original leather version hourglass bag is new! Made of original Italian crocodile grain cowhide, the clear crocodile grain is comparable to that of real crocodile, which has excellent touch and always shows its taste! Imported bronze hardware! Super personalized B-shaped zipper, this design I give full marks, full of fashion sense! Charming! The unique iconic arc shape is highly recognizable, which makes people shine at a glance. It’s so cool! The appearance is round and half-moon. Inside the bag is a big flat mouth, and inside is a zipper pocket, which is especially suitable for loading! With lambskin lining, the loss is great and the cost is extremely high! Make the best goods and wait for you who know best! Crocodile print trumpet: 19x8x21cm medium: 23x10x24cm


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