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Smart life, mobile SPA
Intelligent massage hands, L-shaped massage track, air bag package, zero gravity, intelligent LCD screen, a variety of massage techniques.
1. L-shaped trajectory, sensing human back curve, strength adjustment, multiple modes, acupoint massage;
2, smart knocking plate, automatically fit the back curve, spacing kneading massage, waist back kneading push, hip depth press acupoints;
3. Master technique, professional enjoyment, circular kneading, relieving muscles, pressing and pushing deep to acupoints;
4, nine automatic programs to meet the needs of the whole family: sleep mode, swing mode, leisure mode, waist kneading, waist massage upper body air bag, lower body air bag, back massage, back kneading;
5, zero gravity, so that the body in a relaxed state;
6, at home can also do SPA, air bag massage relax and decompress: multiple groups of air bags, adjustable strength;
7, plantar roller massage, free control of force;
8, hot compress function for women, the elderly and back pain more comfortable;
9. Stereo Bluetooth audio; Touch LCD remote control;

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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 m


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